What’s up with this site?

Former BAA members mostly keep in touch with each other on Facebook these days. Head on over to see who’s connected, and see lots of old photos.

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More new (old) photos

I recently scanned a bunch of old photos and have uploaded them to both the Flickr pool and the Facebook group. A lot of the people pictured aren’t identified (since I don’t know everyone), so please comment with people’s names where you can.

They’re mostly Schoolies, but not entirely. I have some more coming soon, when I have a couple days to upload : )

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Laura Stec’s book released

Laura Stec’s book is finally available. It has changed titles and covers since I first posted about it last year, but that’s to be expected in the publishing world.

The book, Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming, was written by Chef Stec with Dr. Eugene Cordero of San Jose State University.

Buy it from Amazon, Kepler’s, or direct from the publisher.

There’s a book site too. If you read this before the middle of October, you might see a date on the book site for a release party. And Laura knows how to throw a party.

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Blast from the past: The original BAA homepage

Straight from the time machine is this somewhat dated looking design, the original Bay Area Action website, created by Steve Glikbarg of Impact Online in 1995.

While this design looks a little old-fashioned by today’s standards, this was actually a very clean and cutting-edge design for 1995. Remember that 1995 was practically the birth of the web (or the “World Wide Web,” as it was still being called).

For a little perspective, consider that AOL was still a private community that you had to dial into to use, the Netscape browser was still in beta, there was no such thing as Firefox, Facebook, MySpace, or Google, and even Yahoo! was brand new.

Some of that original BAA site is still archived online, although many of the deeper-linked pages are missing, such as the Electric Vehicle Project’s MG conversion manual.

Impact Online would later go one to become the widely-used VolunteerMatch.org.

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San Francisquito Creek

This photo by Peter Drekmeier, and several others, have been newly uploaded to the BAA Flickr group.

I’m lacking data on a bunch of the pictures, like the names of people featured. If you can help, please create a (free) Flickr account and leave comments so I can amend the pictures’ descriptions. Any details you can provide contribute greatly to the historical accuracy of this project. Thanks!

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Some Schoolie photos

Protest at the Gap, Los Gatos

More archive photos have been posted to the BAA group on Flickr. These are mostly from a Gap protest in Los Gatos in March 2000.

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Who remembers the 100th Monkey?

100th Monkey 5

100th Monkey, originally uploaded by markbult. See more pictures on Flickr.

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Bush’s Brazillian welcome

Schools Group grad David Harris lives in Brazil now, and here’s a video he recently produced.

Edit: Current.com seems to have broken their embeded player, so here’s the direct link.

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Laura Stec’s writing a book

Laura Stec is writing a book, The Global Warming Diet: Cool Recipes for a Hot Planet, with Dr. Eugene Cordero, a professor of meteorology at San Jose State.

Laura is familiar to almost anyone who was involved with BAA over the years. She was active in many projects, among them the Decadent Dinner series and Earth Day 1996: The Planet on Your Plate.

Learn more about Laura’s book and her upcoming classes her website.

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More new/old photos uploaded

I saw Peter Drekmeier a couple weekends ago and he gave me a CD of 100 old BAA photos, so I’m going to upload them in small batches and tag them with as much info as I have. The first batch contains photos from Montara Mountain and from the 100th Monkey.

Please help identify people, dates, locations, etc.

Check out the new/old photos…

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