From 1990 to 2000, Bay Area Action (commonly known as BAA) was one of the region’s most effective and respected environmental groups.

The people of BAA accomplished a lot in ten short years, from helping to save Bair Island to ensuring the success of Earth Day year after year. And there was so much more.

In 2000, with the merger of Bay Area Action and the Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation, BAA ceased to exist as we knew it.

Pictured: Three of BAA’s founders — David Coale, Peter Drekmeier, and David Smernoff — at the BAA Moffett House. Photo by Mark Bult.

About this site

This site is a personal project conceived of, designed, launched, and maintained by Mark Bult, a longtime volunteer, member, and board member of Bay Area Action.

“I created this site to serve as a historical archive. It’s here to recognize the important contributions of hundreds of dedicated members, and the organization they loved,” says Mark.

Mark got involved with BAA in late 1992 when he was asked to redesign the international Earth Day logo for a Bay Area event held at Stanford University in April 1993. Over the coming years, he became more and more involved with BAA as a designer, volunteer, donor, and eventually began the Headwaters Forest Project in 1995. He was asked to join the BAA Council (that’s what the board of directors was called) in 1997 and later became the co-advisor of the High Schools Group.

BAA merged with the Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation in 2000 to become Acterra: Action for a Sustainable Earth, and Mark served as Art Director and Internet Manager from July 2001 to April 2003 and as Communications Director from April 2003 to August 2004. He continued to serve on the board of directors, never missing a board meeting in seven years, until his departure in 2004.

This site has no affiliation with Acterra, which still does very worthwhile local environmental work.

Welcome. Please feel free to post comments, send photos, and share your memories.

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